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Stop Losing Money
On Bad Clients
We identify bad clients and projects by automatically
analyzing time so you can do your best work for your best clients.

What Is It? is a hosted web application that carefully analyzes your time and tells you who your bad clients actually are.

Who Is It For?

Programmers. Graphic Designers. Photographers. Anyone who bills by the hour.

Why Use It?

If you know which projects and clients actually cost you money, you can stop the slide. Every new account comes with a free 30 minute setup phone consultation to get you started.

Is my data mine?

Yep. It is yours forever. You can grab it whenever you like.

What do I have to do to get it to work?

Almost nothing, just click a few buttons, just select a client, enter a budget and you're 99% of the way there.

So good, it’s kind of like cheating! — Andrew Green, Green Media Works

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